About Us

Helen & Harold’s Beautiful Beginnings was founded by two sisters, Chelsey, an interior designer and Chaney, a clothing fashion designer. Born and raised in Georgia, Chelsey and Chaney (only 1 year age difference) spent their youth being dressed in matching clothes with fancy bows and handmade accessories. This creative sensibility followed Chelsey and Chaney into adulthood as they pursued separate careers of fashion and interior design. Both are renowned in the design industry for their graceful designs and sense of style. Now in their newest venture, Chelsey and Chaney have collaborated using their shared knowledge and expertise to create Helen & Harold’s.

The Helen & Harold’s Beautiful Beginnings are inspired by Chelsey and Chaney’s great grandmother, Edna Adelaide, who lovingly hand-stitched clothing and accessories for her children, Helen and Harold. Chelsey and Chaney strive to continue this tradition with their collection of quality and handmade clothing designed to replicate the timeless heirlooms of their great grandmother.